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MyStaff Manager provides a manager with an interactive tool to track and monitor staff activity. The easy to use console provides a quick snapshot of staff movements; which allows you to plan, manage and monitor day to day operations. Advanced drag and drop functionality provides further assistance with monitoring staff cover.
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Traditional Call Tree Management
A Traditional Call Tree requires a dedicated person or persons to be assigned as the Call Tree Manager for call tree initiation. The Call Tree Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Call Tree structure and its key person inter dependencies and underlying contact information is kept up-to-date at all times.

The Call Tree Manager is also responsible for testing the Call Tree on a regular basis.

Inherent problems of traditional Call Trees:
Staff lists not maintained and out of date
Contact numbers not always valid/updated
Key people communication dependencies
Message changes as it is passed on
Generally a one way communication process
Slow and unreliable communication process
MyStaff Communicator Benefits
Staff lists are easily maintained and updated
Contact numbers can be validated amended
SMS Communications sent by administrators
One consistent message sent to all parties
2way SMS 'contact and response' communication
Fast and reliable communication process

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